Mector 1,25% Pour-On


Mector 1.25% Pour-On is a mobile blue-coloured non-aqueous pour-on containing 1.25% w/v cypermethrin (cis:trans/80:20) for external application.


For the treatment and control of ticks, headflies and biting lice on sheep. For the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike on sheep. Blowflies are attracted by dirty, damp wool or open wounds. The most common site for flystrike is the rump, due to soiling caused by diarrhoea and urine staining. The efficacy of Mector 1.25% Pour-On is reduced in the presence of soiled and dirty wool. Therefore sheep must be crutched (dagged) regularly and appropriate worm control measures employed.


1 liter bottle
2.5 liter can

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