About Floris

Uncompromising Animal Care

Good health starts with good nutrition. Floris fully agrees with this. This is the basis for delivering performance. However, there may be circumstances in which the daily ration is insufficient or in which the quality or quantity of the ration is the source of problems. In Floris’ view it is therefore not only about the nutritional aspects of the products, but also about the influence of the biochemical processes in the animal and the bioavailability of the different ingredients. Together they influence the overall constitution.

Floris makes independent and uncompromising health products to which animals are entitled. Floris products therefore contain only pure raw materials and active ingredients, in the right quantity, to make a product as pure and natural as possible, which contributes to good absorption and optimal health. Sincere attention: that’s the Uncompromising Animal Care Floris stands for!

From raw material to product

Floris develops, researches and manufactures all of its products in its own factory. This prevents unnecessary waste, we have control over the entire (production) process and we are involved from start to finish in the realization of our products. This gives you a grip on quality.

Investing in the future

In order to provide targeted solutions to the demand that Floris receives from the industry, Floris has set out a line of products that will be introduced now and in the coming period. These products are based on scientific research, practice and feedback from user experiences. Floris works enthusiastically on developing new products that make a difference.

Floris’ continuous drive to deliver the highest possible quality has led to 2 important certifications:

  • Floris is an EU-GMP approved manufacturer of veterinary medicines.
  • Floris is an approved manufacturer of complementary feedingstuffs.