The laboratory is an indispensable link within Floris. A great deal of research and development work is carried out in the lab. Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment. This allows us to use a variety of techniques, the choice of which depends on the type of product and the specifications of the end product. These techniques include HPLC / UPLC, IR, UV / VIS.

We use these techniques in the development of new products. Examples are new forms of administration of existing products (e.g. a gel instead of a powder), improvement of existing products (e.g. better bioavailability) or the development of an entirely new product with an existing molecule.

In this way, the laboratory not only develops and registers new veterinary medicines, but also works on new innovative food supplements and care products.

In addition to research and development work, quality related routine checks are also carried out in the laboratory. From raw material to end product, from method development to stability research. This way we ensure that your animal gets a guaranteed quality product!