Rictor 4% Pour-On


Rictor is a ready to use, pour-on solution as an aid in the control of different Culicoides species. It is easy to apply and needs to be reapplied just once a week. Ideally, treatment with Rictor should start prior to the ‘culicoides season’ for best results. Most research in insecticides has instead focused on flies which usually attack the head and upper body of ruminants. Culicoides, however, prefer biting along the sides of the belly and lower legs. It is thus vital that insecticides which are poured along the backline of animals reach these target areas in sufficient concentrations to kill Culicoides, and any infected midges are killed quickly before they can transmit disease. Biting midges of the species Culicoides were identified as a vector for the BTV (Bluetongue virus) and therefore, responsible for the spread of the virus in ruminants, cattle and sheep.


Permethrin 40 mg/ml (cis:trans 80:20)


Apply the measured dose in approximately equal proportions to the animal. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the season and repeated as necessary -treatment once a week should be sufficient.


Can of 5 liter

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