Hoof Support Pellet

Hoof Support Pellet

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Floris Hoof Support Pellets is a powerful biotin supplement. The action of the biotin is supported by a complex of chelates, methionine and lysine.

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Composition Hoof Support Pellets for horses

Yeast, methylsulfonylmethane


Biotin (3a880) 333.34 mg/kg
L-Lysine HCI (3.2.3) 35,000 mg/kg
DI-methionine (3c301) 60,000 mg/kg
Zn (3b606) 6,000 mg/kg as Zinc chelate of amino acids, hydrated
Mn (3b504) 3,333.4 mg/kg as Manganese chelate of amonic acids, hydrated
Cu (3b406) 2,083.3 mg/kg as Copper (II) chelate of amino acids, hydrated


Analytic constituents

Crude protein 21.5%
Cut fat 3.9%
Rough cellulose 5.8%
Rough ash 10.6%
Drinkle 2,800 mg/kg


Advice dosage Hoof Support Pellets for horses

Ponies 30 grams per day
Horses 60 grams per day

Floris Hoof Support Pellets can be given over a longer period of time. After the result, an individual maintenance dosage can be applied. This usually amounts to a quarter to half of the initial dosage.

Free of added coloring, flavoring and fragrances. No stabilizers or preservatives added. Contains no added sugars. A balanced diet is the basis for good health. Consult your veterinarian.


Store in a dark place out of reach of children at room temperature. After use, close the packaging tightly.

Pack size

3.6 kg